Musical Theatre Repertoire Coaching

The following are samples from my audition song database, sorted by gender, "money note" and scale degree.
Click on a page to view its contents.

Click the envelope or Facebook icon to contact me for a coaching, where we can:

  • Identify your vocal range and money note(s) (using my audition song database excerpted above)
  • Learn and record melodies and accompaniments
  • Craft the perfect 16- or 32-bar cut
  • Find role- and show-specific audition material
  • Work on vocal placement of your legit (for men, falsetto) vs. mix vs. belt registers (and everything in between)
  • Build a personalized audition book, including:
    • Up-temposmid-tempos and ballads
    • Comedy numbersdramatic solos and charm songs
    • 'Golden Age' classics (typically pre-1960)
    • Contempory pop/rock and 'Top 40songs
    • Composer-specific material (e.g., Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, JRB)