Book & Lyrics by Lauren Gundrum
Music & Lyrics by Alex Ratner

Congratulations! You've won a free trip to Snowflake Island, an exclusive haven for all you overworked Millennials out there. Come enjoy a cyber-tastic taste of the future: our hovercrafts take you wherever you'd like to go, our drones deliver your dry cleaning, and -- new this year -- meet Thingamabob ("Bob" for short), a robot specially engineered to serve you! Inspired by the "Land of Toys" in The Adventures of Pinocchio, (a.k.a. "Pleasure Island" in Disney's Pinocchio), Snowflake Island imagines a dystopia built on the technology of tomorrow, exploring our (in)ability to form real connections from the perspective of a robot longing to be real himself.


Thingamabob ("Bob"), a robot designed to provide assistance, asks his creator, Dr. Blu Fairy, how to fit in with the human boys and girls on Snowflake Island.

Joan, a new arrival on Snowflake Island, is surprised to learn that Bob is not coded to experience emotion, and tries to persuade her new robot friend to think independently.

When Dr. Fairy overhears Bob telling a Snowflake Islander she is "of average height and above-average weight," she takes her creation aside for a lesson in truth versus tactfulness.

Troubled by the sudden disappearance of many newcomers to Snowflake Island, Bob and Joan confront Mr. Snowflake, the Island CEO, who reveals the dastardly secret of Snowflake Island.